Top 10 Paid Surveys for Nigerians (Legit and Free)

Top 10 Paid Surveys for Nigerians (Legit and Free)

Online surveys and microtasks can be an excellent choice if you’re seeking for a strategy to make additional cash online in Nigeria.

This can be found on a lot of websites, however the most are time wasters. You must ensure that you join the websites that are genuinely worthwhile if you want to benefit from it.

We will thus show you 15 amazing paid surveys in Nigeria in this article.

Naturally, joining any of these legitimate services is free, and they all pay you without any issues.

How are the Chances in Nigeria to Participate in Online Surveys?

Although there are hundreds of online survey sites, the number of options varies greatly depending on where you live. What is the state of the opportunities in Nigeria then? To be completely honest, it is not the most opportunity-rich country when compared to some of the larger English-speaking nations.

Although it can be difficult to locate quality survey locations in Nigeria, there are still plenty of alternatives. You can sign up for a lot of sites, there are some excellent survey sites with respectable prospects. To save you the trouble of checking hundreds of websites, we have compiled a list of the best of these sites below.

Let’s first discuss how to use survey sites to maximize your earnings before moving on to the list.

How Can I Make the Most Money?

To maximize the benefits of paid surveys in Nigeria, there are a few things you should be aware of.

  • One of the things is that not all of the surveys will be available to you. That’s the way survey websites operate.
  • Thus, if you sign up for any of the sites below and find that you are ineligible for surveys, don’t give up immediately. This will occur, and on certain websites, finding the ones you qualify for may need some patience.
  • However, eventually, you will be able to determine which kinds of surveys you stand the best chance of being eligible for, at which point you can concentrate solely on them.
  • Being aware that some of the sites provide earning options other than paid surveys is a crucial strategy for maximizing earnings.
  • Playing games, accepting offers, watching films, completing microtasks, and more are a few examples. GPT sites (get-paid-to) are websites that also offer these additional choices.
  • You can significantly increase your revenue by utilizing some of these other earning strategies.
  • Lastly, there are variations in offers and opportunities across all the sites. You should therefore sign up for multiple sites in order to increase your chances of earning.

To have a broad variety of options and enough time to get to know each site, I advise signing up for five to seven sites at first. Then your prospects of earning some more money on the side are rather strong. Please note that this is not a full-time job or a means of becoming wealthy in Nigeria. You must take paid surveys on your own time. Although it can bring in some extra money on the side, if your goal is to get wealthy or land a full-time survey job, you will be disappointed.

10 Best Paid Survey Sites in Nigeria

The top choices for online surveys available in Nigeria are listed below. As previously stated, this is a quality list of the top sites that are truly worthwhile, not an exhaustive list of all the sites that are accessible here.

As we test new websites, the list is updated frequently, so be sure to bookmark this page and check it occasionally.

Surveoo Survey Site

Brief Summary

Surveoo is a relatively new paid survey platform in Nigeria that offers a greater selection of paid surveys than the majority of other sites in the country.

In comparison to many other platforms, it is simple to use and pays well for your time. Your earnings are redeemable for cash or gift cards once you’ve met the payout criteria.

Payment Limit: #16,000

Payment methods: Gift cards and bank transfers

Payment Frequency: Within 48 hours!

Start earning with surveoo Now

Surveytime Survey Site

Brief Summary

One of the websites with the greatest number of surveys available in Nigeria appears to be Surveytime, which is accessible everywhere. It is quite simple to use. All you have to do to receive access to a regularly updated list of available surveys is to complete a survey during the sign-up process.

Every survey, even the shortest ones, pays at least #1300 equivalent to $1 as of the time of this writing. The fact that Surveytime pays right away is another fantastic feature. This implies that you will receive your money immediately after completing a survey.

Why you should use Surveytime?

  • Surveytime has no withdrawal threshold. Once you complete a survey you get paid for it almost instantly! There’s no points system.
  • You can take surveys for money from anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter where you are,
  • Surveytime offers you the most relevant surveys.
  • Start earning now with SurveyTime.

Timebucks Survey

As a Nigerian looking for a side hustle to make more money, Timebucks is a rather intriguing GPT site because there’s always something you can do to make money. While not every strategy yields substantial rewards, there are several to choose from.

Completing surveys, completing social media activities, seeing online material, registering for offers, playing games, and more can earn you money. Additionally, inviting friends to join earns you some fantastic bonuses.

Once you reach $5, you can cash out your rewards and receive payment using Neteller, Skrill, AirTM, Payeer, bank transfer, or cryptocurrency.

Payment methods: Neteller, AirTM, Skrill, Payeer, Bank Transfer (via Wise), Crypto

$5 is the payout threshold.

Start Earning With Timebucks Now

Surveyeah Nigeria

For Nigerians, Surveyeah provides a dedicated survey website that is incredibly user-friendly. After registering, you will receive email invites to participate in surveys.

Don’t join Surveyeah as your only site; instead, you shouldn’t anticipate receiving survey invites too frequently. However, it’s a terrific addition because it doesn’t require much more work.

After you reach $10, you can get rewarded with Amazon gift cards or via PayPal.

Payment procedures: Gift cards from Amazon and PayPal

$10 is the payout threshold.

Start Earning With Surveyeah Now

TGM Panel Survey

One of the few survey sites with a dedicated panel for Nigeria is the TGM Panel. By filling out a single survey you can earn up to #3000. Just log in to the TGM Panel website, answer questions, and enjoy the reward.

Even though it can still take some time to receive surveys, you will receive an email alerting you when new questions are available, and their payment for your time is rather reasonable in comparison to other survey websites. As a result, the user experience is excellent overall.

Once you have made $10, you can cash in your profits for gift cards.

Payment options: Gift cards

$10 is the payout threshold.

Start Earning With TGM Panel Now

Mobrog Nigeria

Because Mobrog has a dedicated survey panel for Nigeria, it is user-friendly and offers a respectable selection of pertinent online surveys. You’ll start getting email invites to surveys as soon as you sign up. Just keep in mind that, while you won’t be able to complete every survey, there will be plenty that you can.

Once you have earned just $6.25, you can withdraw your money using PayPal or Skrill.

Payment options: PayPal, Skrill

$6.25 is the payout threshold.

Start Earning With Mobrog Nigeria Now


Honeygain is a potential option for Nigerians to make a little additional money online entirely through passive means. But not everyone should use this website.

Sharing your unused internet can make you money; therefore, this is only useful if you have a fast, unlimited internet subscription. If you succeed, it may be a really simple method of earning some extra cash.

You can use PayPal to withdraw your money once you’ve made $20. However, you must utilize the cryptocurrency JMPT in order to get paid because that isn’t available in Nigeria. To get compensated in that method, you don’t have to meet a threshold. Additionally, you will receive a $5 joining bonus if you sign up via the invitation link below.

Payment options: PayPal, Skrill

Start Earning With Honeygain Now


I’m frequently asked if Swagbucks, one of the biggest and most well-known GPT services, is accessible in Nigeria. It’s because it recently opened. But because it does not now present many prospects in Nigeria, it is not ranked higher on this list. Therefore, earning here will require some patience.

However, it is a legitimate website and may be worthwhile to visit as an additional resource.

Payment options: Gift cards

$10 is the payout threshold.

Start Earning With Swagbucks Now


Only those who are interested in obtaining Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies should find Cointiply useful. If so, using this website could be a terrific option for you to make money in Nigeria.

It can be earned in numerous ways. Even though some of them need some perseverance, there are always ways to make money there. In addition to clicking advertisements, you may mine, play a multiplier game, use a Bitcoin faucet, do surveys, and more.

You are eligible for a payment after you have earned $3.50. You will, however, receive interest if you hold onto your money in your account longer.

Payment options:  Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies

$3.50 is the payout threshold.

Start Earning With Cointiply Now


Although Rewards1 is a relatively unknown GPT site, it can offer some respectable earning prospects in Nigeria if you are patient. You can get money by viewing videos, accepting offers, inviting friends, completing surveys, and more. As a member, your rewards increase in proportion to your level of activity.

Of all the websites on this list, Rewards1 offers the most extensive payment options. You can choose from hundreds of gift cards, receive game codes, receive payments via PayPal, and even create a custom reward if you have any special requests.

Payment options: PayPal, gift cards, and custom rewards

$3.50 is the payout threshold.

Start Earning With Rewards1 Now

The above includes a list of the top GPT and paid online survey sites in Nigeria. Many websites have lengthier listings than this one, but frequently they only list the websites you can join—not the ones that genuinely offer chances in Nigeria.

Instead, it’s a little bit shorter, but I’ve worked very hard to make sure you can discover genuine possibilities on this list. To help you find some decent survey and GPT sites to earn some additional cash, we hope this list is helpful. We would love to hear from you in a comment if you have any questions or comments, or if you know of any excellent paid surveys in Nigeria that are missing on the list.



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