TimeBucks Review: How to Login, Earn, Withdraw

TimeBucks Review: How to Login, Earn, Withdraw

TimeBucks is a GPT/reward platform where you make money online performing simple tasks and activities that you already do on a daily basis.

Furthermore, Timebucks is one of the few reliable multi-earning websites and has been paying since 2014. With the website, you can earn money by watching videos, social interactions, social likes & follows, surveys, playing games, searching the web, clicking ads, reading articles, clicking, testing websites, installing apps and so much more.

Fun fact, TimeBucks is managed by Australian Clearing Pty Ltd)which is also in charge of Timewall.io, and both websites are known to pay on time and also provide high-paying/quality offers for all users.

How To Make Money On TimeBucks

Making money on TimeBucks is easy if you take it as a full-time job and also you’re in a Tier 1 country as you can easily earn a minimum of 50 USD daily just by participating in surveys and completing simple tasks. If you’re using TimeBucks from African or Asian countries, you need to work a bit harder as most surveys are not available for you, and tasks available for these regions pay less than others.



Taking surveys is one of the easiest ways of making money on TimeBucks as you only need to answer the questions based on your personality, there’s no technical or special knowledge required to earn money with this method.

Before you get access to all the surveys, TimeBucks needs to make sure you are serious about doing surveys properly. You must do their quality testing survey and get at least 80% correct answers. You will get paid $0.1 if you pass, and it only takes 6 minutes. Surveys are loaded with trap questions designed to see if you are just choosing random answers, or if you are paying attention and answering correctly. Over time, they will build a quality score on your profile, and the higher your score is, the more surveys you will get access to and the more money you will make. However, if you are not serious, you will fail and you won’t get any surveys, and you won’t make money. Do the right thing, and if you really want to make money, tell the truth, be honest, take your time and read the survey questions and answer carefully!

As mentioned earlier, you cannot capitalize on this if you’re using TimeBucks from Tier 3 countries as most of the time, you won’t be eligible for survey. However, most of the time, you’re compensated for any survey you complete at least 50% before being disqualified.



Make money on Timebucks simply by viewing slideshows. Basically, all you have to do is to go through 7 pages of slideshows. Click the green View button to begin the task. You can do 20 slideshows per day, but only 1 every 10 minutes. After the 10-minute timer ends, you can do another slideshow. You earn 0.001 USD for each slideshow which totals to 0.02 daily from Slideshows only.



As a standard feature in all GPT websites, you can also earn money by viewing the website on Timebucks. While the amount you earn depends on how much the advertiser is paying ~ the more time you spend on a page, the more the advertiser is likely to pay.

In summary, you get paid to click on links. You must view the website for the specified time in seconds to receive your credit. You can only view 1 ad at a time. If you close the tab before the timer ends, the timer will stop and you won’t receive your credit. You can allow a sound to play when the timer finishes.



This is from a third party provided engagedhits.com. In this task, you will get paid to watch specific Youtube videos. This task can be fully automated once the video starts as long as it is in focus. Please note that you can only cash out from this task as long as you have completed 4 items from the Daily Checklist from the dashboard OR one full survey. If you do not complete this, you won’t be able to get higher than $0.10 in pending earnings even if you watch more videos.

Push Clicks

push clicks

In this task, you will get paid to click on browser push notifications. You will get paid a certain percentage of Yesterday’s Earnings for every click. This means, the more money you earn in the previous day, the more you will earn for each push click. You will get 12 paid push clicks per day, sent every 2 hours. If you run push clicks in multiple browsers or multiple devices, you will still only be paid for 1 click per 2 hours no matter how many times you click. If you are not logged into TimeBucks at the time of clicking on the notification, you will not be paid.

This task works on all browsers and devices except for iPhones. Once you click on the notification, you must stay on the page for at least 30 seconds to be credited.

To activate them, click “Allow” to notifications on timebucks.com when prompted.



Similar to Timewall, you earn by completing Tasks.


You will get paid a 15% commission on the earnings for anyone you refer to TimeBucks. That means if your referral earns $10, you will earn a $1.50 commission. You don’t earn referral commission on their bonuses. You will only earn a referral commission if your referral has verified their ID. Once they verify their ID, you will receive a $1 bonus to make up for the lost commission anyway. (They must reach $5 in lifetime earnings to be eligible to verify their ID.)


Explore other Offerwalls and use them to earn on your Timebucks account.

TimeBucks Login

To login to Timebucks, click here

TimeBucks Signup

It’s mandatory you use only your correct details as this cannot be updated at a later date and can lead to loss of account and earnings. To sign up to Timebucks, click here, you also get 0.6 USD welcome bonus by clicking on that link and signing up.

ID Verification

By verifying your ID, you’re able to unlock and have access to higher-paying offers and tasks. You need to earn at least 5 USD to do your identity verification.

How to Withdraw

Withdrawals are made automatically every Thursday but prior to this, an invoice is generated on Wednesday which is then paid on Thursday to your preferred account. Any amount earned after Wednesday midnight will be included in the coming week’s invoice.

Withdraw from TimeBucks in Nigeria

timebucks withdraw

TimeBucks provides a lot of payment methods and as a Nigerian, you have access to almost all (except PayPal and I would not recommend Payeer/VISA card deposit unless you have an eligible card). You can easily receive Bitcoin/Litecoin to Binance or TrustWallet and easily sell to exchanges or AirTM directly to the bank or Skrill to Binance and then to the bank. If you need more info on this, you can comment or send support request.

Happy Earning!


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