How to make money with GPTo

How to make money with GPTo is the first FREE and INDEGENIOUS GPT website in Nigeria that pays in Naira.

Unlike other GPT websites, Get Paid To Nigeria has users in mind and only brings high-paying and simple offers with high completion rates.

With more than 5 methods to earn money daily, is finally able to create a local sustainable, and transparent GPT website.


This is our top and highest-paying section on the website. We bring hundreds of tasks, offers, PTC (paid to click), and surveys from a number of providers. Your earnings on the Offerwall are automatically credited to your balance but in some cases, more significant amounts and some offers go through a manual confirmation which takes less than 6 hours.

We’re aware as a Nigerian we barely get approved to participate in high-paying surveys, we’re working effortlessly to ensure this is not the case on our platform – and you’ll see you’re eligible for most of our offers.

HINT: Timewall is currently our high-paying Offerwall at the moment. Go to the Timewall tab, click Use in Full Screen, sign up, and start earning. You can withdraw your earnings to GPTo at any time.


The concept of short links is to follow a particular link until you’re sent to your destination link.

We have tons of them. We know they’re hard to complete and will not recommend this to anyone who doesn’t know their way around tricky ads.


Paid to click – you get paid for viewing websites for a particular duration (usually seconds).

Pretty simple but the pay is low


You get paid for completing a task by following a set of instructions provided. You may be asked to Search on Google, visit a particular site then provide screenshots or text as proof.

In this section, you’ll see social follow requests and others. Not too simple and pays very well.


Mad/Auto/Manual faucet falls under this. The idea is a tap faucet dripping water into a bowl, with time the bowl eventually gets full.

The Faucet section lets you earn little money, which becomes much if you’re patient and have a lot of time. You only need to solve a captcha and claim your rewards daily. Pretty easy to use.

Wheel of Fortune

Spin the wheel with energy and earn morning. It’s very simple to use.


This is gambling, can take away your money easily and can give you a lot of money easily too

Other earnings opportunities

Daily Bonus

You can earn a random amount of money by clicking the Claim Bonus button every day.


Top users in every part of the website is awarded extra cash at the end of every week. Top users with the most amount of referrals, Offerwall claims, Faucet Claims, Activity, and others get an additional bonus every Sunday.


When you complete a certain amount of tasks, you’re rewarded with an extra amount of money.

We take security seriously which is why we have a Telegram channel that shows live transactions updates.

How does GPTO.NG make money?

You might have asked yourself how we’re making money and sustaining the business when we don’t charge a registration fee.

It’s pretty simple, we’re acting as a middleman between providers and users, we’re paid in USD and currently in a 90/10 percentage share at the moment. In the future, we’ll take more percentages to cover hosting, payment fee, and other miscellaneous fees. We also intend to show friendly ads.


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