PayRoute.Online Review 2023: Legit Or Scam?

PayRoute.Online Review 2023: Legit Or Scam?

PayRoute.Online is one of the popular earning websites in Nigeria and on top of that, they pay users for completing surveys, viewing films, and performing other online tasks.

If you know then you most likely know PayRoute.Online as well. In this article, we’ll explain how to make money on Payroute.

Note: As of the time of publishing this review, Payroute is actively paying users fast and there are numerous ways to make money using the platform.

How PayRoute.Online Works

Payroute is an online platform where you get paid in Naira completing simple tasks online like watching Videos, doing offerwalls, viewing websites, and so on. It is totally free to use Payroute, the only rule is to not create multiple accounts.

Payroute claimed to have paid over NGN 2 Million in total to over 20,000 users in the last 2 years which is very good. The platform is not a new one and there are numerous positive reviews on Trustpilot and in their Telegram group.

How to Join PayRoute

Registration is totally free BUT don’t create multiple accounts to avoid loss of your earnings. Also, registration does not require your sensitive/personal data just your Email, Phone Number, Full Name, Username, and Bank Account details which must match your account Full name.

To register, click here. Fill in the form to start earning. Login

The login page requires your username and password. To log in, click here then click on Login.

How to Make Money on


Earn money by visiting websites.


Complete simple tasks like viewing websites, surveys, watching videos, and so on to earn money


Earn money by completing short links – you earn money by reaching the destination for each of the links.


You earn extra money by being top users in each of the sections. The referral section is the highest-paying part of the leaderboard, you can earn money (up to NGN 50,000) just by being the one who refers people to the platform.

Video Ads

Earn money by watching YouTube videos

Weekly Tasks

Similar to the leaderboard, this has to be completed in a week otherwise you lose all progress.

Claim Code

Occasionally, the platform gives out a free claim code and you can get additional income on your account just by applying it.

Leaderboard Rules

  • The contest is based on Earning From TimeWall Offerwall
  • Reward Price May Increase as the contest goes on.
  • You must Earn at Least NGN1,000 From Timewall, or else you will be filtered out
  • The more you earn the more your contest reward increases.
  • You don’t have to do anything to Join. Just keep earning and your username will appear on the leaderboard!
  • Do Not create Two or more accounts, else your account will be completely terminated
  • The reward may take up to 2 days before being released.

How to Withdraw on PayRoute

You need to earn at least NGN 200 before you can withdraw to your bank account. To withdraw, click on the Withdraw menu and enter your details, your withdrawal will be sent to the account details provided.

PayRoute for Advertisers

The platform has a lot of real users mostly in Nigeria and they allow you to drive some of their users to your website or platform through advertising. They allow Links, Blogs, YouTube videos, and WhatsApp group advertising and it’s very easy and cheap to use.

  • Low deposit and Advertising Fee
  • Real users only, no bot or automated traffic


You can begin your earning or advertising journey by clicking here to signup.


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