How to make money online in Nigeria with

How to make money online in Nigeria with

Timewall is a high-paying and reliable platform for completing simple tasks and surveys. The platform has been around for years and each time proved they’re different from the others.

Timewall is a great option to make money in Nigeria, while doing tasks and surfing websites can earn you money quickly, you can earn a whole lot of money if you’re eligible for the surveys.

How to create an account on

While Timewall is a provider, you cannot sign up directly unless you’re signing up through an approved website or app.

First, you need to fund a reliable website to withdraw your Timewall earnings to then you can initiate a withdrawal to your preferred destination. In layman’s terms, Timewall pays a platform then the platform pays you.

1. Make sure you don’t have any VPN/proxy active to avoid the risk of losing your account forever.
2. Sign up on Get Paid To Nigeria (, and verify your email.
3. Go to the Offerwall section then click on Timewall
4. For the best experience, click on view in full screen then click on get started then sign up as a user.


5. Verify your email and now you have an active Timewall account.
6. There’s a complimentary survey on registration that earn you 100 points.

How to use Timewall

Using Timewall is quite easy. From your dashboard, you can see the Tasks, Surveys, Offers, and Clicks tab

timewall 2

1. For Tasks, you’re given a set of instructions to complete with a time deadline.
2. For Surveys, you participate in surveys.
3. For Offers, this tab is mostly for other survey providers. If you’re able to figure out which one works best for you, you can focus on the provider.
4. For Clicks, you’re paid to view websites for a specific amount of time

After earning, you must withdraw to the site you registered through. You can see the withdraw option from the sidebar. Withdrawing is free but requires a minimum of 100 points.

How to be eligible for more Surveys

Getting you do not qualify for this survey is annoying and a total waste of time, while Timewall tries to compensate users with some token for their time, it’s better to get the full reward, and here are some simple tips:

1. Pay more attention to details
2. Be creative when you’re asked to explain something, don’t use a one-word response
3. Avoid using ad blockers and VPN/proxy
4. Make sure your basic info matches
5. Start with the less paying ones first

More Ways to Earn with Timewall

At GPTo, we understand how tedious and stressful completing online tasks is, so we have multiple complimentary reward systems in place.

1. We pay at least 1,000 NGN every week to the top 3-5 offerwall earners. This means you get additional cash at the end of the week just for earning on Timewall and other offerwalls.
2. 100 NGN bonus for every 1000 NGN you earn every day
3. 500 NGN bonus for every 2500 NGN you earn every day. However, when you earn 2,500 in a day you’re eligible for the 100 and 500 NGN bonus

If you want to make some extra cool cash in Nigeria, GPTO.NG is a unique place to start from.

Happy Earnings.


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